Septic System Tips – Part 1

How to DIY Excavation for a Septic System

Everyone dream of having a house in the province. Spending your time in the clean air and relaxing at the sight of the green grass and trees, listening to the songs of the birds, or just sinking in silence… is it not an irresistible thought. However, every plus comes with a minus. Most of the rural areas do not have a water treatment system. Hence, in order to ensure the necessary hygiene and standards of living, the owners have to install septic systems as a local solution for the problem.

Man, digging the groundFor the successful results of such a project and in order to ensure that all building codes and regulations are met, it is recommended to use the services of a professional service. You can use a professional excavation contractor for that part of the job, or you can also hire a professional for the installation of the septic system. However, in some jurisdictions in the US, homeowners are allowed to do the job for themselves. If you are one, here is how to do it in a few basic steps for the gravity-fed system which is the standard one.

Before you begin with any actual work, be sure that you get acquainted with all the existing codes and regulations for installing septic systems in your area and that you obtain any necessary permits in order to comply with any required hygiene standards. Only then, begin with the preparation for your actual work. Provide all the necessary tools and equipment for the work that will have to be done and begin with the DIY excavation. You will have to plan the whole system before you begin, and then following the sequence, install the concrete tank and rightly sloped drainage pipe. Before you begin the exploitation, you will require an inspection and a permit from the health service.

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